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Group of young men and women doing push-ups on kettlebells in a gym



The Muswell Hill Club offers a variety of invigorating work outs for our members. Call now to join our club and book your place.

What is cardio?

Boost your mood through the release of endorphins, which are feel-good chemicals released by your brain. Help you sleep better at night. Reduce pain and stiffness through joint movement. Help prevent or manage high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.


The majority of fitness experts will advise you to do the cardio after the weight training, because if you do cardio first, it uses up much of the energy source for your anaerobic work (strength training) and fatigues the muscles before their most strenuous activity.

Woman on Treadmill

Who should attend?

Our cardio classes are suitable for men and women of all ages.

Class times





weight rack in gym

Take a look at some of our recent feedback

“Wonderful gym! Fully equipped loads of treadmills, ellipticals and machines and it even has a swimming pool, from outside looks really small and inside its huge! As a plus, if you go with your car there are free parking spaces. The staff are really friendly, they answer emails super-fast and the ladies at the reception are extra lovely and helpful. The whole vibe of the place is really nice, everyone is friendly and it's like a neighbourhood gym friendly and nice, I really love to go there.”


person picking up weights

Want to increase your fitness? Call The Muswell Hill Club on to discuss our membership options

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